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Link 6: A: In some of your lines, like the one below, there is a lot of data around it. link = "[paste0('',paste0(Year_Week, ".pdf"),".pdf")] That is not valid in R, as your data goes on until the end of the line. You can fix this with a bit of escaping. To be safe, I would wrap the url in triple single quotes to keep it away from R's regular string-handling, and then run paste0 on it. link Q: creating a table in mysql but after 5 seconds display the message that database is in loading my goal is to create a table in mysql. However, I want the table to be displayed after 5 seconds. I have tried the code below, but the table is not being displayed. It's not refreshing. I tried using update and not displaying message after 5 seconds and that didn't work, it just stayed blank after 5 seconds, i want to do it the way the table is created after 5 seconds. thanks. mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "") or die("Unable to connect"); mysql_select_db("xyz") or die("Unable to connect to database"); mysql_query("CRE

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