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Everything You Need to Know

This page includes information to help you get the most out of your NAVRS membership and our playing meetings.  Click on the "Download" button to download the information

Un Monde Meilleur

This WAV file is an example of the music we play at NAVRS.  We learned this piece in our January playing meeting.

Zoom Information

This provides information on how to use Zoom for the playing meetings.

How to Prepare for Meetings

Helpful hints on how to prepare for the playing meetings.

Playing Meeting Dates

List of dates for 2023 playing meetings.

Helpful Hints for Inexperienced or Insecure Players

You’re interested in attending a NAVRS playing meeting - maybe you’ve even signed up! And you’re not sure you are up for the task. What now?  Read on...

Membership Map

The map provides city and state location of our members along with their name and email address.

How to Make a Payment

Step by step instructions on making a payment with PayPal through our website.

Suggested Equipment for Zoom Meetings

This document provides some information on equipment that can improve the Zoom experience.

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